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One of the best ways to view the videos is to cast them from your smart phone, tablet, or laptop to your HD large screen TV using chrome cast. Most of the videos on our website can be cast to your TV.
Check out the following links to learn more about Chromecast.and Chromebooks

The Complete Guide to Chromecast

A New Kind of Computer

About Chromebook

Chromebooks Are The Future?

Chromebook (Chrome OS) for Beginners


NCTA Smart Phone app or short cut


10 Tips for Good Smartphone Photography

The following films are about (part one) the beginning of the computer age and (part two) is about computer of today. Made sure you cast the films to you big screen TV.

The Greatest Story Ever Told [Where It All Began]
1820 to 1990 27 Minutes
The Greatest Story Ever Told Part II
1990 to 2013 27 Minutes